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The Campaign

Ohio Mental Health and Addiction Services (OhioMHAS) promotes wellness and recovery for all citizens. OhioMHAS is implementing a statewide social marketing campaign focused on primary prevention of mental health issues among youth and young adults. The Be Present campaign educates and empowers peers, friends, classmates and siblings of at-risk youth to “step up” and provide needed support. It also makes youth more aware of and able to address their own emotional state.  With their own cups “full,” they become more willing and able to step up and speak out in a supportive manner.

Many adolescents are struggling with trying to find their own way, exploring different parts of their identity, or figuring out what they want to do with the rest of their lives. They’re experiencing transitions from middle to high school to college, making discoveries about their sexual orientation or trying to find work and live on their own after leaving their familial home.

Be Present will raise awareness about the struggles young people face and encourage and empower their peer group, close friends and siblings to take more responsibility for each other, especially for youth who are being bullied (in-person or online), struggling to overcome mental or emotional problems or other stressors, and those who are most at risk of harming themselves (including LGBTQ youth). We will link young people to local and state-level resources, information, immediate crisis intervention and longer-term care (if needed). Our OhioMHAS Youth Advisory Board and teens from five counties across the state provided input to develop the campaign.

Your Presence Is a Present – Get Involved!

Campaign Research

To develop this campaign, we got on-the-ground research insights from young people in five counties across the state. Through these firsthand accounts and stories of the challenges facing youth, you can see and hear why galvanizing support among peers is so important.

Age Range

Be Present is designed for teens and young adults from high school through college age.


Campaign Launch

OhioMHAS Fact Sheet

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